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Tersan New Ship Building Department is export leader of ship building sector in Turkey for last 7 years. The together of the Repair and New Building departments provides a great advantage. However, having the most modern facilities in the region, having a lot of experience about ship building, ship repair and conversion; always makes Tersan the top destination for all complex conversion project( Livestock Carriers, Aspalth Bitument Tankers, Cement Carriers, LNG Vessels, etc.)


Pipe production starts in our yard’s pipe workshop without losing time according to the isometric drawings submitted after the confirmation of the ship for Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS). Our high capacity pipe workshop and the expert teams of the workshop, this process is progressed quickly and in the best quality. The pipe prefabrication process is completed until the ship arrives, so when the ship approaches the shipyard, the BWTS installation on the ship is started without delay. More than 60 BWTS installations were done by our experienced teams in our shipyard and they were delivered to the ship owners without any problems. BWTS installations continue without slowing down on ships that arrived at our shipyard.


Tersan Shipyard started using and gaining experience in the scrubber system for many years. This system has begun to be utilised worldwide in 2019 and 2020. However, the first scrubber system installation in Turkey was accomplished by Tersan Shipyard in 2016.Scrubber system installations carry on in our yard by means of our expert teams. Tersan has sufficient experienced in GRE/GRVE pipes pre-frabrication & installations and also has a dedicated closed workshop for required preparations. As of third quarter of 2021, 7 (seven) pieces scrubber unit have been installed successfully. Enlarging the list with signed fresh agreements for the upcoming period.