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To reward customers with the world's best technology:​ Based on the rapidly developing technology revolution, we integrate superior products produced with R&D into the business model, shape our investments in parallel with the transformation in the world. ​

Tersan Research & Development (R&D) Center​

Since the day it was founded, Tersan Shipyard R&D Center continues its research and development activities to solve the problems and needs of our shipyard and shipbuilding industry. We continue our technology and innovation investments with strategic partnerships to meet the expectations of our customers.​

Tersan R&D with numbers: ​
100+ R&D personnel (15+ Master / Graduate student)​
10+ Active, 30+ Completed R&D Project​
6 Published Article​
3 Patent / Petty Patent Applivation​
The ratio of R&D expenses to turnover %8,05​


Goals of Tersan Shipyard R&D Center​

With our belief in the importance of research and development, we work with the aim of producing new products and technologies that create added value in our R&D Center, which is maintained with its experienced and experienced employees.​

In the light of R&D center activities, collaborations with universities, patent, design, publication / presentation studies increasingly continue.​​

Tersan R&D Center prioritizes innovation and continues to offer products that are respectful to nature and represent our country in the international arena and shape the future with its innovative team.​​

Implementing innovative projects that will increase the R&D quality, economic power and technological level of Tersan and our country with the vision that emphasizes operational excellence and sustainability.​​