More than 90 new build vessels delivered in a relatively short period of time providing respectable experience.

Tersan Shipyard delivers an average of 6-10 new build ships per year depending on the ships’ sizes and their complexity. The main facility, which is established on an area of about 300,000 m2 and equipped with the latest technologies, has been one of the key factors for Tersan to lead the sector both in quality and the quantity. Tersan Shipyard has succeeded in the construction of more than 90 ships in a relatively short period thanks to its dedicated employees, innovative construction techniques, solution-oriented and environmentally friendly production approach.

Ship Building 1

Building-up its in-house research and development department, Tersan Shipyard has strengthened its production methods and upgraded its techniques.

Purpose-built, custom-made, sophisticated vessels for Global Partners

Among conventional new building projects, Tersan has been concentrated on developing and building of custom-made, sophisticated vessels for its global partners mainly from Europe, especially from the Northern region. The yard is specialized in building technologically sophisticated offshore vessels, different type of advanced fishing vessels, ferries & passenger vessels and other type value-added vessels. Tersan is a diversified shipbuilder whom has gained considerable experience in building of LNG and battery operated vessels besides number of niche new-built ships of many types and sizes. Tersan has been awarded as the export leader of Turkey in its new shipbuilding sector seven consecutive years.

Construction with most modern shipbuilding and production techniques relying on our marine experiences

In order to comply with the high level demands from ship owners and their end users, Tersan is applying new technologies into the vessels with an increasing volume especially to meet the requirements such as lower fuel consumption, improvement on operational costs and lower exhaust emissions. LNG vessels, hybrid vessels, % 100 battery powered vessels are currently occupying a big portion of Tersan shipyard’s order book for a sustainable future.

Tersan Shipyard also use % 100 renewable energy generated from I-REC certificated wind farms up to 25 billion KWh in a year and preventing 17,600 tons of carbon emissions per year.

Ship Building 2