Ship Repair

Mechanical Workshop

More than 150 permanent technicians/ workers for mechanical Works


In Yalova premises, 4000 sqm closed workshop area is dedicated to mechanical workshop. Tersan workshop set out in 1996 to offer world-class solutions to its customers using the most modern technologies and continues to innovate and improve itself with this ideology.

Quality & Range

This workshop, which always thinks ahead, develops itself, has quality craftsmen and focuses on customer satisfaction, has a team of 150 people, more than 25 processing units, and a continuous innovative and high quality policy. Also, Tersan Workshop has a wide range of deck equipments and also a high level expertise in maintenance and repair.

All Ship Types

Tersan workshop has the capacity to technically respond to every need and successfully complete the repair, maintenance and production of all ship types.


Lathe : 10 Units up to 10 mtrs
Radial Driling : 3 Units
Planning Machine : 1 Unit
Sawing Machine : 2 Units
Bohrwerk : 3 Units
CNC Processing Centre : 4 Units
Washing & Plussonic Machine : 2 Units
Vertical Machining Center (VMC) : 1 Unit
Milling Smart : 1 Unit

Lifting Equipments

Mobıle Wınches : 20 Tons
Forklıft : 2x5 Tons
Overhead Crane : 3x10 Tons


Tersan Mechanical Workshop has approved procedure from DNVGL for performing Prpopeller Repairs. Tersan Mechanical Workshop has manufacturer Certificate from DNVGL for rematalling procedure of stern tube bearings. Tersan Shipyard has certificates for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 180001. Tersan has been granted by DNVGL, RMRS for construction of ships, welding of hull structures and pipelines.

White Metal Bearing

Tersan Workshop is able to do re-metalling of worn out bearings by centrifugal casting of the White metal and also manufacturing of new bearings completely. Tersan Workshop service quality approved by DNV-GL class and realizes ISO 4386-2 casting procedure, makes all kinds of bearings and certification processes.

Propeller and Propulsion System Overhauling

The workshop can perform CPP, FPP, Azimuth, Schottel, Cycloidal type propulsion system overhaulings by using the most advanced technology and applying the repair standards with experienced workshop team. The workshop has approved procedure from DNVGL for performing propeller repairs.


Tersan workshop can handle any kind of rudder repairs and can procedure rudders as per approved drawings by class societies.


Mechanical workshop is able to lift tailshafts up to 14 mtrs and 2 mtrs diameter. Lifting capacity of lathe machine is 90 tons. Shipyard also have raw material to procedure tailshaft.

Stertube / Chrome Liner / Seal Housing

Tersan mechanical workshop can produce different size of chrome liners and seal housings. In workshop there are plenty of stock chrome liners with different sizes.

Windlass / Anchor Winches

The workshop responds to all kind of mechanical and hydraulic problems of anchor windlass and mooring winches of the vessels with more than 150 experienced workers.

Hydraulic Cylinder

Mechanical workshop can perform all hydraulic cylinder maintenance and Tersan workshop as well as manufacturing of the new cylinders.

Coolers & Heaters

Tersan workshop has special ultrasonic and chemical cleaning equipment for heaters and coolers.


Mechanical workshop has good experienced on boilers overhauling and retubining with class approved materails.


Tersan workshop can perform all kind of pump overhaulings and repairs available.

PV & Safety Valves

The workshop can perform PV Valves and safety valves overhaulings and repairs with experienced workers.

Deck Equipments

The workshop can perform all kind of mechanical repairs on vessels deck. In addition, mechanical workshop can manufacture fairlead, watertight doors, watertight covers, manhole covers, vertical ladders, gooseneck, emergency escape hatch, rope drum, bollard etc.