Tersan Group has taken the first step for ship repair, maintenance and docking by acquired a floating dock and shipyard area in Istanbul Tuzla shipyard's region in 1998.

Over the years, Tersan began to have a extended customer portfolio and repair experience. The limited space in Tuzla region and the capacities of the current yard no longer met with Tersan’s future targets of repairing bigger size vessel, consequently Tersan decided to invest in a new shipyard in 2008 in Yalova city with much more capacities and still benefitting from easy access to Istanbul. While the repair yard remained in Tuzla, Istanbul still active.

Repair and docking of approximately 150 ships per year has been successfully completed. We provide docking service with 3 floating docks up to 310 m x 51m sizes.


In 2013, starting operation of new floating dock in Yalova, also repair activities has begun. In 2019, Tersan started the operation of Aframax Size floating dock which was also built by shipyard in Yalova Tersan’s new building & repair yard in Yalova is today, one of the biggest, most modern and efficiently organized shipyards in Europe.


Nowadays, Tersan Shipyard Repair Division continues to provide full capacity service in Tuzla and Yalova regions with 3 floating docks , comprehensive and fully equipped workshops, experienced engineers and employees, with the priority of quality and safety.