Tersan Shipyard has launched NB1098, Longliner & Danish Seiner Fishing Vessel which is under construction for Østerfjord AS of Norway. Designed by Marinteknikk, Østerfjord will be a unique vessel with the newest available solutions and technology in the fields of propulsion, power generation, fishing efficiency and processes, crew safety and comfort.

With her propulsion system being a hybrid one with both diesel mechanical, diesel electric and pure electric propulsion options, she provides energy efficiency. Beside its innovative propulsion setup, she will be one of the first purpose-built vessel combining two different fishing methods; longlining and Danish seining which provide the vessel flexibility to catch its quotas. The vessel has also a moon-pool which is providing safe operation in all weather conditions and increased catch rates.

67 meters long and 14,6 meters wide vessel will be the World’s largest Longliner and Danish Seiner fishing vessel . She will be outfitted with an advanced fish process plant and she will be able to fish both by Danish seining and by longlining. Østerfjord will be a safe, functional, environmentally friendly and cost-effective fishing vessel with accommodation for 23 people on board. The vessel is planned to be delivered in 2021.