Froyanes will be the first of its kind, the combined crab catcher and shrimp trawler is built with a giant moonpool in which the crab pots shall be pulled up via new hauling system. The fishing vessel designed and being built to facilitate more efficient operations and safer working conditions for the fishermen. Designed by Marinteknikk, again a long-term partner for Tersan, the vessel will have a length of 70 meters and a breadth of 17 meters. The cabin capacity onboard the ship will be for 35 people. She will operate in the Norwegian and Barents seas for shrimp and snow crab and is being built conforming high ice class regulations.

This is the 8th vessel Tersan Shipyard is building for Ervik Havfiske, expressing the strong partnership between the two companies. The first vessel which was also named Froyanes, was delivered in 2011. In the past 12 years, Tersan Shipyard delivered 6 more vessels which are successfully conducting fishery operations for Ervik Havfiske. While the current Tersan built fleet of Ervik Havfiske is fishing successfully in Anctarctic and in Norwegian waters, new Froyanes is also planned to be delivered and join them by the end of 2023.