Tersan Shipyard has successfully delievered NB1083 , Zenith Crab Catcher Factory Fishing Vessel to JSC ArcticService, Russia. The vessel which has been laid down in September 2018 and launched in March 2019 has been built in 18 months period.

She is a Crab Catcher & Processing Vessel designed to harvest king and snow crab in northern Russian waters under severe weather conditions and reinforced for ice conditions. She will be able to perform crab catching at water depth of 20 to 400 meters. The vessel is designed for both single and longline pot harvest, and is fully outfitted for onboard production, freezer storage and offer transshipment. The main types of crab to be caught by the ship are mainly Kamchatka crab and opilio crab (snow crab), as well as other crab types. She has 1150m3 refrigerated storage capacity and a processing deck capable of cooking and processing 60 tons of Kamchatka crab per day to produce 40 tons of final frozen product.

Since almost all the crab vessels in the World are converted from existing fishing or other types of vessels, at this size she is a “first in the World” to be designed as a crab vessel from scratch. The 62 meters long and 15 meters wide vessel is outfitted with well designed accommodation areas, with comfortable cabins and fine social rooms for the crew; 38 people on board. The planned areas of operation are the North Atlantic, the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the Greenland Sea. We as Tersan wish a long lifetime to Zenith and her crew with fair winds and following seas!