The third vessel accompanying the launching operation is named Polar Bay, Longliner Factory Fishing vessel built for Polar LTD from Spain.Three vessels have been launched with transportation system called self-propelled modular transportation (SPMT) which is previously experienced by Tersan Shipyard. Considering each Havila vessel is 6200 tons and 124 meters long and Polar Bay is 60 meters long and about 2000 tons, a long period of static and engineering calculations have been done prior to the start of the operation.

Approximately 1600 wheels with 200 axles gathered under each vessel and transferred them respectively into Tersan’s own floating dock. Once the vessels were secured in their locations in the floating dock, the dock was tugged to her submersing position in the shipyard and submerged to finally let the vessels float on the sea. The completion works like the installation of piping, cabling, ventilation; execution of accommodation systems ; installation and testing of all electronic systems and start up and testing of all machinery and components will be held while the vessels are at the berth until the delivery.

Passenger Vessels: Havila Polaris & Havila Pollux Designed by HAV Ship Design and built under supervision of DNV; four Havila Passenger vessels will operate in Norway’s Bergen - Kirkenes historical coastal route. The passenger vessels will be powered by LNG and battery, providing high energy efficiency and complying with the low emission requirements. Each vessel will have 6500 kWh battery capacity which means they will have the record of highest battery capacity in a vessel so far. High interior standards will be provided with distinctive and well-designed accommodation areas aiming to bring the best comforts to the passengers on their Bergen – Kirkenes historical route. While the first vessel, Havila Capella has started its operations successfully, the second vessel, Havila Castor is at delivery stage. Havila Polaris and Havila Pollux will follow in 2022. Longliner Factory Fishing Vessel: Polar Bay The vessel, having a 60,5 meters overall length with a 13,0 meters beam, is powered by Yanmar main engine and she has comfortable accommodation up to 30 people on board. Beside her longlining capabilities, Marinteknikk designed Polar Bay is also capable of fishing through her moonpool in the harsh weather conditions and she is outfitted with advanced fish process plant.