Tersan Shipyard has delivered the first Coastal Passenger Vessel Havila Capella to Havila Kystruten company of Norway. 124 meters long and 22 meters wide Havila Capella will operate in Norway’s Bergen - Kirkenes Historical Coastal Line. The Biggest Battery Packages in the World Havila Capella is powered by LNG and battery, providing high energy efficiency and complying with the low emission requirements. She has 6500 kWh battery capacity which means she has the World’s largest battery packs so far. Thanks to its innovative power generation system and energy-efficient hull design Havila Capella can sail for four hours with zero emission. The vessel can be charged with clean hydropower at the quay.

Designed by HAV Ship Design and built under supervision of DNV; Havila Capella provides Co2 emissions cut by 25 % and NOx emissions reduced by 90%. She has also heat recovery systems from the sea and cooling water. High Interior Standards with Distinctive Accommodation Areas Having the high interior standards and providing well-designed accommodation areas, Havila Capella is a state-of-the-art vessel bringing the best comforts to her passengers on their Bergen – Kirkenes historical route. The second, third and fourth sister vessels, Havila Castor, Havila Pollux and Havila Polaris are also under construction in Tersan Shipyard. Havila Castor will follow Capella very soon and Havila Pollux and Havila Polaris sister vessels will be delivered next year.

The Managing Director of Tersan Shipyard, Mr. Mehmet Gazioğlu has stated their pleasure for the delivery of Havila Capella. “We are so honored to establish a reliable cooperation with Havila Kystruten AS and glad to successfully deliver the first vessel, Havila Capella. It is a great pleasure for us to share our valuable partner Havila’s enthusiasm to bring top quality service to the passengers travelling on this historical route. Thanks to Havila’s trust in Tersan; we will work hard and eagerly to proceed with the construction of the sister vessels.” The CEO of Havila Voyages, Bent Martini stated this is a day of joy. “We are many who have waited a long time for this, and now the first ship is finally in our hands and we will start preparing for setting sail towards Norway”