Ship Repair

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Surface Treatment Works

Surface Treatment

We have 100 nozzle blasting capacity for surface treatment works in dry docks and repair berths. However, the daily sandblasting capacity is around 10.000 m2 up to SA2.5 standard so as to meet all the requests of our customers. In addition, our experienced paint team are able to perform Cargo Tanks, Ballast Tanks Coating with all reliable paint suppliers including special Marine Line Coating, Sigma Coating etc.


Total 10.000 sqm Closed blasting & paint halls for hatchcovers & vessel’s structural parts.. Depending on the scope of the project, vacuum sandblasting can be done and dehumidifying equipment is provided. Metalizing is the most versatile and effective coating for protecting steel structures.

Expert Team

Polyurea paint/ isolation could be applied on request with providing material. Silicone paint is applied on the ship's hull and propeller by our expert team.