Ship Repair

Tuzla Repair Shipyard Branch

Tuzla Repair Shipyard Branch

About Us

We are a team of 44 specialists in the ship repairs from naval architectures to technicians/workers for ship docking and repair, conversion maintenance, overhaul ( shafting components, rudder stocks, propellers, rudder and steering gear works and machinery etc. ) with a safe, fast and reliable service 24/7 at our yard for minimizing docking time. Success in repairing and docking around 50 to 70 ships per year.

Floating Dock No: 1

Length: 130,00 mtrs
Outer Breadth: 30,50 mtrs
Inner Breadth: 22,50 mtrs
Lifting Capacity: 6500 tons
Dock Cranes : 2 x 5 tons


Today provides services for a wide range of ships ( Bulk carriers, general Cargo, offshore vessels, chemical tankers, container ships, lpg carriers, offshore tugs, roro etc.) and specialized in repairing works in order to serve its customer with floating dock with 10.000 sqm of total area including closed workshops/ office areas.


Lathe Machines : 1 units
Welding Machines : 60 units
Radial Drilling Machine : 1 unit
Sawing Machine : 1 unit
Overhead Crane : 2x10 tons
Mobile winches : 10 tons
Forklift : 7x1,5 tons


Every type of steel repair or conversion. Slop/sludge removal and tank cleaning. High pressure water jet cleaning up to 500 bar. Grit blasting up to SA2½, total 1500 m²/day with 15 nozzles capacity. Tank coating with dehumidifiers, vacuum removers. Manufacturing of propeller / tailshaft / rudder as per approved drawings by class societies & repairs. Manufacturing of stern tube bearings and shaft bushes. Overhauling of CPP, Schottel, Azimuth system with experienced workshop team. Boiler repairs/retubbing with class approved materials. Engine, turbocharger, governor, pump, compressor, cooler, heater overhauls. In site ultrasonic bath for coolers cleaning. Repairs of deck machinery, cranes, hatch covers. Alternator repair, rewinding of electro-motors, repairs and installing. Pipe and outfitting works. Electrical equipments. Tersan mechanical workshop has approved procedure from DNVGL for performing Propeller. The experienced workshop has a good reference on Schottel propulsion system overhauling.