• NB1085 Atlantic has been delivered !

    Tersan Shipyard has succesfully delivered NB1085 Atlantic Longliner Factory Fishing Vessel to Atlantic Longline AS

  • Tersan Shipyard

    Tersan Shipyard has been awarded sixth time in a row since 2013 as the export leader of Turkey in the new ship building sector. Tersan Shipyard built a wide range of niche, highly efficient ships with lasting quality.

  • Tersan has signed contract for the 100th project with Ervik Havfiske !

    Tersan Shipyard has signed the contract of the 100th new building vessel with Ervik Havfiske for the building of a 60 meters Longliner Factory Fishing Vessel .

  • Longliner / Danish Seiner Fishing Vessel for Østerfjord AS !

    Tersan and Østerfjord AS has signed a contract for a 67 meters Longliner / Danish Seiner Fishing Vessel to be delivered in the mid of 2021. 

  • Tersan Ship Repair

    Tersan is providing 3 floating docks up to 284m long x 51m wide for ship repairs, drydocking and conversion projects. For enquiries, please contact us via drydock@tersan.com.tr

  • Two Coastal Passenger Vessels for Havila Kystruten AS

    Tersan Shipyard has entered into contracts with Havila Kystruten AS (Havila) for the building of two coastral passenger vessels which are scheduled to start operation in Norway's coastal service as of January 2021.

  • Excellent Ship Repair On Time

    New drydock with 284x51 mtrs dimensions in operation by beginning of March 2019. Tersan continues its ship repair activities with three floating docks and repair berths in Yalova and Tuzla Premises

  • A penguin and a Tersan Built Vessel in one shot !

    Built and delivered icebreaker and high (super) ice class vessels. Tersan built vessels are sailing in harsh conditions in North seas and Antarctic.

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